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I was like 'Excuse me?' And he was like 'Can I sit here?'
Stephen Hugh Kiss Anim (c) Fry Control
Friends Only!
And I was like 'Well my name's Steve.' And he was like 'Why?'Collapse )

Goodness me. Another from Greatestjournal joined the dark side? (Was Ani Locobitz, is now Ridiculii. Obviously.)

And how wondrous. Stephen Fry's amazing. I'm immensely fond of "Bright Young Things."

Friend? *grins pleasantly*

Hey you!

Yeah, all the fandom stuff was over here so I had to come back. I do miss all the icons and images GJ gives, though.

Just added you. :-)

To go along with my sparklingly new paid account, I need to make sure I add the sparklingly cool people I know as friends. You count!

Ah, how lovely of you! *adds*

Oh, I swoon for your header - love that pic! Please excuse me nosing around...I'm a nosing kinda gal :D

Nose all you want. :-)

Cos of the ads, I can't get the header straight no matter how I put it. Different resolutions and browsers show it differently. Half a dozen times I thought I had it right until I looked with something else, lol!

Well, you seem nice... I'm adding you as a friend :)

You love Stephen. I'm friending you. Beeeehhh!

I adore the pic at the top of this post. He's so pretty. *sigh*

Aw, your Hugh looks so soft and fluffy. *adds you back*

I also love Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie. And with that I'm going to friend you. :D

The Darth FO thingy in your profile is so adorable!

*adds back*

I see we share some common interests and I also love Stephen Fry. Would you mind if I friended you?

p.s. I love your header :)

Mm, icon.

I don't mind at all. On my way to add you as soon as I hit "post."

I wish I could get my header centred correctly (it looks okay on one browser but then awful on another cos of those stupid ads, but I need my icon space, lol).

I need to look into the ad placement thing. Maybe they changed it so you can move them by now.

Hey! this is Ashley (jedimasteryoda2). I had to delete my old journal so Im adding you on this one. Hope you dont mind! :P

Mind? Of course I don't mind! Just added you.

Stephen Fry is truly amazing. Hugh isn't half bad either. :)
Can we be friends?

Of course! Just added you. *stares at your icon for 10 minutes*

You and your profile are the only reasons I have made my LJ! xD

You and your profile are the only reasons I have made my LJ! xD

Aw! What a nice compliment! I added you about 20 seconds ago. :-D

May I add you as a friend too?

Of course! *adds you back*

I have added you as a friend I hope you don't mind. I absolutely love Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie too. It's hard to find people here that know who Stephen is but I am converting them!

I don't mind at all. I just added you back. Seems like the popular choice of the two is usually Hugh, but some of us know better, hehe!

(Deleted comment)

Thanks for the lovely compliments. I like you already, hehe!

All my icons are free to grab (with credit cos one of my life goals is to be famous for ANYTHING and then I can show my family all my online time isn't a waste, hehe!) so go for it. It's of those Gordon & Stuart clips. I found it on YouTube. Gordon Says Goodbye, I think it was. Pain in the butt trying to fit it all in but it didn't suffer too much in the end. The rest of my icons are on my other rjeeves journal.

And of course you may add me. I added you and just saw your wonderful House fanart.*mm*

(Deleted comment)
I'm not the most interesting person in the world. You already have dozens and dozens of friends much cooler than me and have no really good reasons to friend me, but the sheer power or the Stephen fandom makes me friend you. When I realised that you're the one who made Fry Control, I went, "Squeee, who is this person, yay." How could I phrase this, you rock.

Ooh! So much lovely flattery! I'm definately adding you. :-D

I would like to add you as a friend, if it's ok. I don't post much in my journal - I'm here mainly for the communities - but I adore Stepehn Fry and am always looking for people who share that love.

(I apologise if this shows up twice, LJ had a bit of a spaz the first time I treid to comment here.)

I swear I know how to spell, really! :D

I love Stephen Fry too! He makes me all fuzzy inside! I added you!

I added you back. :-) Your username is awesome!

I have added you. Please add me. Becoming a bug Fry/Laurie fan!

Hi! I don't update on here much anymore, but I added you (and realized my images weren't showing so I fixed those). Love your icon!


Don't Worry, Be Happy! =)

I'd like to see your icons, so I'm adding you as a friend. Hurrah!

Stephen & Hugh fan = added friend ;-)

Hi! Just added you back! :-D

Commenting to get added because you're awesome.


Fine, I'm here tracking down icons. *offers cookies* ^_^

btw: Fry = \o/ loved him as part of the Blackadder ensemble.

Well....okay, you're added. ;-p

Hi! I've recently become a big Stephen Fry (and consequently Fry/Laurie) fan, and some of your lovely icons have led me to this page. I'm ading you, and hoping you might add me back.

(Also, I was just curious about the clip that your lovely icon came from. I've never seen it before, and a Stephen/Hugh kiss intrigues me. :P)

Hi! I actually don't use this journal any more, but I added you anyway, lol!

I wish I could tell you where my icon was capped from but I can't remember (horrible memory). One of the more knowledgeable folks on bitsofstephen will know.


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