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my name is jeeves

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I was like 'Excuse me?' And he was like 'Can I sit here?'
Stephen Hugh Kiss Anim (c) Fry Control
Friends Only!

I am currently obsessing....
Stephen Fry
Edward Herrmann
Fred Gwynne

I do not like....
People who steal.

Any graphics/icons/etc within this journal....
Require credit if they're up for use.
Are probably very sexy.

To be allowed access to sit in my journal....
Add me.

--Baaa'ingly yours,
melchy aka rjeeves aka purple_bat

(Images used in title banner are (c) molegirl.)

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why'd you move??? :(

The fandom I'm in is located on LJ. Nothing was on GJ, lol!

the only reason I stayed on LJ was for the fancomms

I actually have a community with members and posts and everything, lol! GJ was slow in that area.

I really miss the MANY icons you get on GJ.

It's so limiting...only having 3. I change mine over here like every other day =\

You get 6 now! That's far too many icons to handle! ;-p

whomg *dies because of the freedom*


It's a step, at least.

Isn't it? I still can't choose between em, though

LJ and GJ are merged in a perfect world.

and in that perfect world, Lon Suder's not dead =)

Um. Not sure who that is.

lol. Brad Dourif's recurring character in Star Trek: Voyager. a psychopathic Betazoid who murdered someone and then underwent a Mind Meld with Tuvok that helped him out

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