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my name is jeeves

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I was like 'Excuse me?' And he was like 'Can I sit here?'
Stephen Hugh Kiss Anim (c) Fry Control
Friends Only!

I am currently obsessing....
Stephen Fry
Edward Herrmann
Fred Gwynne

I do not like....
People who steal.

Any graphics/icons/etc within this journal....
Require credit if they're up for use.
Are probably very sexy.

To be allowed access to sit in my journal....
Add me.

--Baaa'ingly yours,
melchy aka rjeeves aka purple_bat

(Images used in title banner are (c) molegirl.)

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I'm on them everyday, nobody on there wants them either, too expensive i guess for them, but i put 125 dollars into the materials just to get started, i ended up giving some of them away to family. :(

People never realize how much stuff costs to make. Plus the time. I bet you'll do better with them on eBay at some point. Or go check out some flea markets and see if someone there wouldn't mind taking a few to see if anyone has an interest in them there.

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