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my name is jeeves

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I was like 'Excuse me?' And he was like 'Can I sit here?'
Stephen Hugh Kiss Anim (c) Fry Control
Friends Only!
And I was like 'Well my name's Steve.' And he was like 'Why?'Collapse )

I'm laughing, I can't believe it..

Okay okay, yah it's me, Banzaar, Hanna. The ock lover. Hi Ock-gal. Haven't talked to you for awhile. Lisa.. erm.. melchy.. whichever you prefer to be called. I still call you ockgal. You're ockgal to me. ^^; Anyway. Hi. I can't believe this..

I'm a dA person.. I decided to check you out again and mannn found this journal. I have this really close friend from canada.. She absolutely LOVES Hugh .. and Stephen too. And this was just incredibly hilarious to find .. I came to your journal and what do I see? You obsessing over Hugh and Stephen. Seems like you like Stephen more however. lol. Amber's making me like both of course.. so I kinda like them too. You should talk to her, I'm sure you two would get along swell. Hehehe. Is Doc_Ock_Rocks still around? How about Mel? Man I've been gone too long. o_0 I need to get back around.. How are yah? XXDD I'm in high school now.. did I tell yeh that? Eh XD

..Oh yah and I have a new obsession too. Danny Devito. Like omg I think he's awesome XDD [I'll save a different word for later lol]

Howdy! Your friend should like Stephen better. I insist on that. :-)

I haven't talked to Mel in I dunno how long. I sent her a card months back but never heard from her. Doc_Ock_Rocks is around here somewhere, though.

I'll always be OckGal. I still use the name on other places and am quite fond of it.

I think I had a tiny thing for Danny back in middle school, lol! He seems cool, but not my type these days.

I was on DA for a bit but moved on cos I didn't fit in well. So I migrated to here.

Keep in touch!

But of course! Hello. :-)

May I add you, you're a Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie fan (And therefore you = greatness)

*offers pretty things*

*takes pretty things and adds you back*

nice site.. i liked jeeves, i'm still yet to see the movie "bright young things"... supposedly adopted from Waugh's vile bodies, or was it, i can't remember which.. anyway hello.. nice to see someone in a place like baltimore who is obsessed with stephen fry..:)

Re: popped over, again

I haven't seen that eiher. I'm so behind in this fandom cos there's SO much stuff to view, haha!

"A place like Baltimore" sounds just like I describe it, hehe!

friend me or I'll have to kill you! :P



I'm such an idiot. Cos I was gonna friend you whiel I was on your one post and closed it and then forgot! ATTENTION SPAN OF A GNAT, I say!



heyhey.i'll be posting some stephen icons soon so if you have nay requests or what not, just ask

(Deleted comment)
Would you mind too terribly if I added you as a friend. :)

I don't think I would mind. Wait. Nope, I wuoldn't mind at all. :-D

hiya! i also have rjeeves friended so i HAD to come friend this journal too! add me back pleasekaythanx??? =)

Hullo! I simply have to see whats going on inside ur journal. (Just by your interests you obviously = cool!!) Might I have an add? Thanks!!!
-Ashley (Jedimasteryoda2)

Hope you're not too disappointed when you see what's in here, lol!

*adds* :-D

Goodness me. Another from Greatestjournal joined the dark side? (Was Ani Locobitz, is now Ridiculii. Obviously.)

And how wondrous. Stephen Fry's amazing. I'm immensely fond of "Bright Young Things."

Friend? *grins pleasantly*

Hey you!

Yeah, all the fandom stuff was over here so I had to come back. I do miss all the icons and images GJ gives, though.

Just added you. :-)

To go along with my sparklingly new paid account, I need to make sure I add the sparklingly cool people I know as friends. You count!

Ah, how lovely of you! *adds*

Oh, I swoon for your header - love that pic! Please excuse me nosing around...I'm a nosing kinda gal :D

Nose all you want. :-)

Cos of the ads, I can't get the header straight no matter how I put it. Different resolutions and browsers show it differently. Half a dozen times I thought I had it right until I looked with something else, lol!

Well, you seem nice... I'm adding you as a friend :)

You love Stephen. I'm friending you. Beeeehhh!

I adore the pic at the top of this post. He's so pretty. *sigh*

Aw, your Hugh looks so soft and fluffy. *adds you back*


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