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my name is jeeves

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I was like 'Excuse me?' And he was like 'Can I sit here?'
Stephen Hugh Kiss Anim (c) Fry Control
Friends Only!

I am currently obsessing....
Stephen Fry
Edward Herrmann
Fred Gwynne

I do not like....
People who steal.

Any graphics/icons/etc within this journal....
Require credit if they're up for use.
Are probably very sexy.

To be allowed access to sit in my journal....
Add me.

--Baaa'ingly yours,
melchy aka rjeeves aka purple_bat

(Images used in title banner are (c) molegirl.)

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*adds you*

You got more horses! Awesome!

Love the magnets! I'd get one but I'm such a cheapskate, lol! I mean a shipping cheapskate, rather.

awwww i would lower the shipping for ya :D

Lemme get my stupid taxes out of the way and then we'll talk. :-)

cool :D

I havnt sold a single one :/

That sucks. Did you visit the horse communities?

I'm on them everyday, nobody on there wants them either, too expensive i guess for them, but i put 125 dollars into the materials just to get started, i ended up giving some of them away to family. :(

People never realize how much stuff costs to make. Plus the time. I bet you'll do better with them on eBay at some point. Or go check out some flea markets and see if someone there wouldn't mind taking a few to see if anyone has an interest in them there.

yes im on the horse communities everyday and tried selling them, but people dont want to spend money on art, thats just the way it cost me 125 dollars just to get everything i needed to start. i guess even rich horse people want something for nothing. :(

oooooops i thought my last comment didnt go through, so i guess there are two now :/

One comment can keep the other company, lol!

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