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Hello there! I am she formally known as purple_bat, melchy, rjeeves and back to melchy. I'm also known as materprotectrix, deadisbetta and arthur2dudley. Currently you can find me cruising around on emkennedy. I decided to go Friends Only a while back for various reasons, non of which anyone would care to hear about. Feel free to add me as a friend and I'll do the same. Check out my interests and don't hesitate to contact me about something. You can view my Friends Only post here to learn more about what I'm currently into. Special thanks to molegirl for the use the original photos used in this layout.

In case you're wondering, I was born in 1978, live with my parents, very anti-social, a vegetarian, animal rights gal. I don't go on about the veg stuff unless provoked, so no need to worry about me rambling on about that kind of thing.

Stephen Fry (aka Reginald Jeeves) is sexily delicious, so be prepared for many posts about him. Also be prepared for a few Alfred Molina mentions and of course many Edward Herrmann posts since he's currently rockin' my net.

Like me, yet? :-)
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